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Eco Plan projects include management of cultural resources as required under the National Preservation Act, The Physical Planning Act Cap 268 and the National Environmental Management Act of 1999 among others.

This work is either completed in-house or is completed by qualified sub-consultants under the supervision of Eco Plan’s professional staff.

Typical projects include a broad spectrum of cultural resource management activities such as cultural resource assessments, cultural resource site file searches and literature reviews, pedestrian surveys/inventories, register of Historic Places, data recovery/mitigation and construction monitoring.

  • Archival and Field inventories
  • Development and implementation of Data recovery Plans
  • Documentation
  • Archaeological, historical and other cultural resource management
  • Site Documentation
  • Site Monitoring
  • Archaeological field surveys, testing, data recovery and historical property documentation


Rehabilitation of Kenya Railways Head Quarters Building, Haile Salasie Aveunue, Nairobi

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