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Eco Plan Management Limited was registered in the year 2004 under the Companies and Societies Act as provided for under the Laws of Kenya. The Company is located along Menelik Road in Menelik Court, second floor; Kilimani, Nairobi.
Since its inception; Eco Plan Management Limited  consulting company has been actively providing comprehensive consultancy services in areas of Physical Planning Development Applications, Health and Safety Training and Audits, EIA and Planning approvals for Base Transmission Stations, Fibre Optic Cable and construction jobs, Environmental Audit, for enterprises, Settlement, Enviromental Policy, Expert witness and NEMA Compliance Statements, Strategic Enviromental Assesment and Land Use Planning. Eco Plan Management Limited provides services for any and all phases of project design to construction works supervision during monitoring and evaluation of the EIA process.
Eco Plan Management Limited is first and foremost a dynamic planning firm whose principal objective is to offer its clients a high-quality service, by seeking in particular: to innovate in terms of service delivery and institutional systems development with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, to adapt its services to its clients' economic, environmental, technological and logistical constraints, to integrate within the design and cultural heritage of the project location.
Eco Plan Management Limited has a good relationship with a number of consultants in the construction sector such as architects, engineers, managers and technicians thus running a successful planning office, with a system that is exceptional in its continuous development. Eco Plan Management Limited is thus in direct contact with the daily realities of project operations and has expertise grounded in practical application.
Eco Plan Management Limited has a permanent and consulting staff of professionals, project managers and support personnel, providing complete services in Environmental Assessment, Planning, Safety Audits and Training, Heritage conservancy and Construction management. In addition, the firm is able to draw on the expertise from firms with long standing association to round out the exceptional diversity of skills needed in to undertake the assignment, in areas such as legal affairs, land valuation, surveys and engineering Through this comprehensive integration of resources, the company is able to offer its clients a unique and dynamic service.
The Company is structured into four departments, these are Physical Planning Department, Environmental services department, Administrative department and Cultural and Heritage Conservation Department.
VISION: To expand the company’s service area to the East and Central Africa Region
MISSION: To provide quality, efficient professional services to all its’ clientele.
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